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Aluminum Trailers

69928 Babylon Line, Crediton ON



Aluminum ATV Trailer

84" WIDE X 12' & 14' LONG

FRAME:            Aluminum tube frame

                         24" Centre cross members

                         12" Deckplate sides

                         1-1/4 Tube rails

HITCH:             2" A-frame coupler

                         Safety chain

                         2000 lb A-frame jack

AXLE:               3500 lb Spring axle

TIRES:              14" Radial tires on white spoke rims

 SIDE RAMPS:  2 - 12" x 5' Ramps

 REAR RAMP:   Fold down mesh ramp

LIGHTING:        LED Light package - Soldered and heat shrink

FLOOR:            2 x 10 Plank

                         6 Weld in D-rings


AXLES:                  Torsion axle upgrade

                              3500 lb Spring axle with brake

                              4" Drop upgrade

TIRES:                    Aluminum rim upgrade

                               Galvanized rim upgrade

                               Spare tire carrier

                               Spare tire - white spoke rim

                               Spare tire - aluminum rim

                               Spare tire - galvanized rim

FLOOR:                  Aluminum extruded floor upgrade

                               1200 lb floor ties

                               5000 lb floor ties

                                Add weld in D-rings

OTHER OPTIONS:  Bi-fold ramp upgrade

                                 Large fender gussets

                                 Snow shield

                                 Upgrade to 18" high sides

                                 Upgrade to 24" high sides

                                 Aluminum tool box