BreMar Trailers Inc
Aluminum Trailers

69928 Babylon Line, Crediton ON




FRAME:           Aluminum tube frame

                         24" Centre cross member

SIDE WALL:     Aluminum frame with aluminum screwless exterior

                         Color choice

                         16" centre wall cross members

                         3/8 Plywood interior

                         Stone guard on front

ROOF:              Aluminum roof 1 (one) piece

                         Aluminum rounded roof corner

                         Aluminum roof bows rolled 3" rise

HITCH:             2" Coupler

                         Safety Chains

                         Swivel jack w/wheel

AXLES:            1 (one) 2200 lb - 3500 lb Torflex axle - idler

                         EZ-lube hubs

TIRES:             Radial tires on white spoke rims


REAR DOOR:  50/50 Rear door w/camlock 

LIGHTING:       LED Light package

                         1 (one) interior light

FLOOR:           3/4" Fir plywood floor


TIE DOWNS:         1000 lb D-rings

                               5000 lb D-rings

E-TRAC:                E-trac per ft of trailer surface mount

                                      E-trac per ft of trailer flush mount

                              E-trac ring and clip

                              12' Ratchet & strap for e-trac

                              25' Ratchet & strap w/wire hook

VENTS:                 Roof vent

                              Salem side wall vent

INTERIOR WALL:  Insulate walls & doors - styro 5.5R value

                               Insulate ceiling - styro 5.5R value

                               Kemlite on side walls - instead of plywood

                               Kemlite lined ceiling

                               Upgrade walls & doors to .030 white aluminum

                               Upgrade ceiling to .030 white aluminum

TIRES:                   Aluminum rim Upgrade

                               Spare tire on white spoke

                               Spare tire on aluminum

                               Spare tire carrier inside wall mount

                               Spare tire carrier tongue mount

LADDER RACKS:  Ladder racks

                               Ladder on front of trailer

                               12" Walkway down centre

ELECTRICAL 12V: Additional interior/exterior light wall mount

                                Interior centre dome light

                                Wall switch

                                3 Way wall switch front & rear door

                               12V Halogen rear load lights - pair

110V PKGS:           Ground fault receptacle & motor base

                               Add fluorescent light with switch

                               Additional receptacle same side

                               Additional receptacle opposite side


WINDOWS:            14 X 20 Window slider w/screen

                               20 X 30 Window slider w/screen


WALL:                    .063 Tread plate down both sides of trailer 24" high

                               .063 Tread plate down both sides of trailer 16" high

                               .063 Tread plate down both sides of trailer 12" high

                                Upgrade to taller height of trailer

                                Upgrade to 2 tone color option

                                Upgrade to wedgenose - adds 1 ft to length

                                Upgrade to V-nose - adds 2 ft to length

FLOOR:                 .063 Aluminum tread plate overlay

                               Aluminum extruded floor upgrade

                               E-trac on top of floor - 2 rows

                               Motorcycle wheel chock installed


AXLE OPTIONS:    Upgrade to electric brakes

                               Upgrade to hydraulic brakes

DOOR OPTIONS:  Add side door

                               Upgrade to rear ramp

                               Move side door to wedge nose

                               RV Latch

                               Generator door


FRAME:                 Upgrade to 16" centres


MISC.                     Upgrade to adjustable 2-5/16 Coupler

                               Fender boxes inside of trailer

                               Custom dual propane tank holder